Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas UPDATED IN (2022)

Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas Updated In (2022)

Are you in search of some unique Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas? If you’re looking for some ideas for your next project and want to get deeper into Minecraft houses to help you get started on the road to building your ideal home. 

You must set aside some time, some money, and a bit of love because building a home in Best Minecraft Survival House Ideasisn’t an easy job.

While building the perfect home in Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas is a long-winded process it’s nothing like the sensation you feel when you look out your window from the confines of your cozy home or take in the stunning views from your hilltop retreat. 

These Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas can help you avoid the time and effort of building the design from scratch and you’ll have more time relaxing in your new home and less time building things.

Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Minecraft builder or are attempting this challenging task for the first time,

we’ve provided different kinds of Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas that you could construct, such as timber cabins and beach houses suburbia homes as well as medieval-era homes. 

Each of the buildings featured here comes with an easy video tutorial that included making building it easier

Ultimate Survival House

A truly survival House is the perfect home base for anyone who wants to live in Minecraft. It has a small design that is simple to build and effective with the use of materials.

The property is surrounded by space to grow crops such as carrots, wheat, and potatoes. Also, there is plenty of storage space to meet your requirements.

Ultimate Survival House

In addition, it is worth noting that Minecraft’s Minecraft survival house also has access to mining, so you can access all the materials you require like copper, iron gold, diamonds, and even gold.

Starter Survival Dirt House

One of the most effective Minecraft survival ideas for houses in the earth house. It’s not necessarily the most beautiful.

A dirt home is a tiny and compact home that can be built swiftly and easily using just some dirt blocks. 

It comes with a small entryway that can be protected from aggressive mobs. It has a window to let light in and let you see what’s happening outside.

Starter Survival Dirt House

The dirt home is the ideal home for survival because it makes use of readily available materials around you. It’s also very easy to expand and build on as you grow through your life.

 Stone Survival House

If you’re looking to build an extra durable and robust living space, you might want to think about creating a survival stone house.

Stone is a fantastic material for use since there are many various variations that you can bring some flair to your house that is a bit outdated by mixing the cobblestone and stone brick diorite and andesite.

 Stone Su rvival House

It’s the best way to safeguard yourself from players and mobs. The stone survival home is like the dirt house in the sense that it has a tiny entrance as well as a window to let in light and light.

Its compact construction, however, it’s the ideal choice for people who are just beginning their journey.

 Small Wood Survival House

Another alternative for a survival home is this tiny wooden house. Wood is a fantastic material to build houses within Minecraft because it’s a beautiful block and is also accessible and there are several alternatives to choose from.

 Small Wood Survival House

The design above is primarily oak wood, however, you can easily replace it the wood with spruce, birch, or acacia oak, if you wish to.

Forest Cabi

If you’re searching for Minecraft survival home designs that have rustic appeal You might think about making a log cabin.

The cabin is constructed primarily from sticks and logs to make fencing, which makes it easy to get the materials you require to construct. 

Forest Cabi

Because it’s constructed from nature-based materials, it fits nicely with its surroundings, making it possible to place this beautiful design in any woodland habitat you want.

Survival Hobbit Home

If you’re a lover of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings If so, you’ll be awed by this imaginative and beautiful Hobbit home.

The house is constructed primarily from bricks, dirt, andesite. The roof is thatched for additional protection from the elements.

Survival Hobbit Home

There is also a tiny mine entrance to collect all the materials you require, and it even includes a small garden to grow plants.

It’s possible that you will never leave this small life-saving base since you’ve got everything already in place!

Igloo House

If you’re in a biome that is a cold or arid region, you might think about making an igloo for your shelter for the night.

Igloos are built mainly of snow blocks, which makes them easy to build in the event of an area of snow. 

Igloo House

There’s a surprise, however, that there’s lots of space in this particular style which means you can keep all your treasures and even add features such as an amazing room or a brewing station.

 Desert Pyramid

If you happen to be in the desert biome (or any other place around the globe) If so, you might be interested in creating a pyramid in the desert as your home for survival.

Desert pyramids are built primarily from all the various blocks of sandstone, as well being a little bit of wood to create flooring. 

 Desert Pyramid

This means that the material is easy to access and with just an amount of effort you’ll build this structure quickly and keep you protected from mobs of hostile creatures whenever you can.

The inside has plenty of space to meet the storage requirements of all your needs in addition to an additional floor that can showcase your bed

4 Floor Survival Base

This four-floor survival base provides plenty of room for all your requirements and is ideal for those who want to shield themselves from mobs that are hostile, but also create something that is stunning.

The base is constructed primarily of stone and wood, however, it may take time to gather all the things you require due to the size of the home. I would suggest only building the base once you’ve grown somewhat in your field.

4 Floor Survival Base

Once it’s finished the building will give you plenty of floors to store your stuff, craft, sleep, make potions, and delight in your tools.

  Cozy Cottage With a Greenhouse

If you’re looking for the perfect cozy cottage for survival There are plenty of options to help make it comfortable. However, one of the main characteristics of this particular model is the greenhouse.

A greenhouse lets you gain food even when the world outside is dangerous enough to not set into the open air.

  Cozy Cottage With a Greenhouse

The particular model is constructed mostly of spruce logs, cobblestone, as well as glass. It’s a simple build if you can locate the materials you require. 

It also has ample space to meet your needs. It includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and, of course, the greenhouse.

 Underground Survival House

If you’re looking to build an extra secure and private home for your family, you might want to think about creating an underground home.

Underground houses are composed mainly of stone, dirt, and cobblestone. This means that the building materials are simple to locate and use. 

 Underground Survival House

Additionally, because it’s underground, the materials are well hidden from view, making it ideal for survival situations.

The inside offers ample space for your every need as it’s underground the structure is likely to be extremely easily extended, meaning you can make this house your home for quite a long duration.

 Medieval House

These themed builds, like this medieval home, are always an enjoyable addition to any setting. These themed builds allow you to show your creative side and be a lot more enjoyable to reside in.

This particular medieval home is built primarily out of stone, wood, and cobblestone.

 Medieval House

It’s more challenging to construct than the other options on this list because of its intricate design, but it’s worthwhile as it has plenty of space to accommodate all your needs. It also is absolutely gorgeous.

  Compact Survival House

When it comes to building a tiny survival home you’re looking for something that’s simple to construct, easy to get into, as well as has plenty of space for your requirements, while giving you everything you need, including farming land, crafting areas, or sleeping spaces.

  Compact Survival House

The particular model is constructed from stone and wood It’s an excellent choice for someone who is just beginning to explore the brand-new Minecraft world.

  Small Medieval House

In the case of houses in Minecraft, There are various designs that you can pick from. If you’re looking for a house that evokes the past, you could think about making a small, medieval-looking house.

  Small Medieval House

The particular home is made out of stone, wood, and cobblestone. you’ll have to travel deep into the Nether to find your hands on a couple of damaged logs.

Minecraft Amethyst Geode Home

People who aren’t keen on building homes and prefer to furnish their homes might decide to build their own Minecraft house inside an already existing building, like one made of amethyst. 

In the 1.17 update Geodes like these are often found underwater or underground and look stunning from the inside.

 Minecraft Amethyst Geode Home

This amazing Minecraft house concept was designed by Reddit user Widici. It uses some of the most beautiful purple blocks available to make a truly original and interesting Minecraft home base, with the basic features provided. 

The part of the geode that is usually broken is now transformed into an enormous window that opens to the ocean making it a low-cost underwater dwelling and a home for the ocean.

 Multiplayer-Friendly Minecraft Base

Minecraft is an excellent way to have fun with your friends. Taking on huge building projects is more achievable with multiple players playing. 

People who build using survival multiplayer servers who intend to create an alliance base with their other players have plenty of possibilities when it comes to building ideas for their homes to build in Minecraft.

 Multiplayer-Friendly Minecraft Base

A Reddit user AmazingCandle posted his Minecraft SMP server. It’s a massive Minecraft foundation suspended from the air with several circular rooms. 

The sheer size is amazing and the best thing is that everyone who lives there can have plenty of room for everything they’ll need.

 Diagonal Minecraft Home

When it comes to building the perfect Minecraft home many players take on the task with an easy mind. 

However, building a regular box and building on top of it isn’t the only way to create an amazing home within the games. People who wish to add some spice to their lives only must change direction.

 Diagonal Minecraft Home

Swordself_MC has decided to opt for the diagonal design and the house is built on a diagonal side that is right in front of its entryway. 

This unique Minecraft home style adds a surprising visual depth to the building that is absolutely stunning, particularly with this traditional cottage style.

  Wooden Mansion

large Minecraft home designs are often difficult to build because they require an extensive amount of planning and decorating to look attractive. 

The majority of the time, they appear too small or the artist is able to design form and depth by arranging the house in a way that creates an interesting and appealing look.

  Wooden Mansion

Zach4455 was a master of the wooden mansion with four levels that were built using the blocks within the game. 

The windows are shaped and the use of gates, fences, and even lanterns help in making the design appear beautiful and well-constructed. The build even has a step-by-step guide to build.

 The Palo Alto Lantern House

If all else fails the best source of inspiration than the actual world. Translating this to Minecraft it’s not a straightforward task due to the many limitations that the game imposes with the use of blocks and layout. 

However, this Minecraft house concept is definitely very similar to the real-world version.

 The Palo Alto Lantern House

Doodlemerson has been an inspiration from The Palo Alto Lantern House located in the real world of California. 

It is a stunning, contemporary design, it transforms beautifully into the game, and is like the real thing.

  Island Temple

Whatever a Minecraft home concept is, a great landscape can be the distinction. In this case, the house is fantastic, showing the appearance of an Asian design through its curved pagoda roof.

The temple design was created through besafewearshoes who paid much attention to the little aspects of the garden by using a variety of lights and flowers to give the building an ethereal feel. 

Island Temple

Furthermore, instead of growing real trees, they simply constructed their own by building an organic tree trunk and putting the leaves too.

 Cat House

A house doesn’t need to look like a home. It can, in fact, appear as any other thing the player would like. 

The sky is the limit with Minecraft house designs and this white house is surrounded by felines and constructed of concrete and glass definitely illustrates this point.

 Cat House

Xxcutebuildxx is a true Xxcutebuild name by impressing everyone with this adorable cat-shaped building. 

It also functions in the interior, with the cat’s face only on the exterior of the building. With a cutesy and adorable texture pack, the house will appear even more appealing.

 Desert House

Deserts are recognized as among the top feared environments. Due to the absence of plants or other forms, it’s quite boring to be in the desert. 

Additionally, it’s hard to feed yourself when desert biomes are the source of spawning for the planet. But, once you’ve got an initial good start There are some interesting Minecraft houses to for building.

 Desert House

With the various kinds of sandstone that are available, homes like this one built by Antonio_M8 are a standout from the rest of the biome.  

It looks like a home for vacations with the spacious second-floor balcony and the number of windows that open it to the outside. It’s also nice to incorporate some plants to brighten up the otherwise drab look of the home.

 Oceanside Castle

There are two types of gamers within Minecraft that are: people who are obsessed with making tiny, delicate structures and those who are enthralled by getting all in and becoming the rulers of their territory. 

It could be fun to try a new challenge and create something completely different to make a change. With a variety of sizes and styles, different design styles can be learned and players can quickly think of innovative Minecraft house designs.

Oceanside Castle

The idea of building a beautiful mansion with an actual estate, as player DTH217 had here, with gardens to dungeons, and maybe an old lighthouse, could provide the motivation needed to revive a survival game getting old. 

The project is not only difficult, but it also calls for an extensive amount of planning and gathering of the appropriate sources.

  Mountain Hut

It’s not always the ideal spot to build a home. When it comes to finding an ideal location, the sky is the limit. Sometimes, constructing in areas that otherwise be impossible to envision a home might be the ideal spot for one.

  Mountain Hut

Builder and player Goldrobin has proven this over and over again in his stunning designs. The tiny wooden structure that is built on the side of a mountain being a step through the mountain, is the perfect spot to build a Minecraft Survival home. Additionally, mountains are accessible, select one and begin creating.

 Ice Spike Mini Home

Minecraft includes quite distinctive biomes which include the extremely beautiful, yet rare Ice Plains Spikes biome. 

The cold, snowy biome is dotted with crystal-like stalagmite structures which rise towards the sky. They can be made into bizarre Minecraft house designs such as DrillTrill did.

One thing to consider, However, one thing to remember is the fact that it’s difficult to melt ice when there is nearby torchlight. 

 Ice Spike Mini Home

Instead using End Rods to provide lighting is more effective and fits the overall style of the building in addition. 

It’s unlikely anyone will suspect that an ice block is the property of someone else and even if they did, they’ll probably be too enthralled to destroy the house or take the contents. Also, mobs will be unable to get inside.

 Wooden Starter House

Sometimes, simplicity is the method of doing things. Stone and wood are the primary ingredients of Minecraft and this is the reason that a lot of home designs for beginners are built on these two sources. 

They are also readily available and, with a few tricks and concepts, they can look stunning, just like Dekunaa’s home here.

Wooden Starter House

The next time you are trying to find Minecraft home ideas Try building a truly traditional rustic home. 

It might be astonishing how great the final product looks, particularly when you add lanterns, barrels, and other items from the village that bring the whole thing together into an inviting small lodge.

  Tuscan House

With the variety of colors and blocks available with so many different color schemes, it is a shame not to use the possibilities.

But knowing which colors to mix and when is crucial. Similar colors with different patterns are often able to produce surprising outcomes, such as this Tuscan-style house by AjaxIbrahim.

Tuscan House

The best part about the Minecraft houses concept is the use of two distinct shades of clay, brick, dirt, or granite. 

Add in several different kinds of wood as well as some leaf blocks, and your house has not only texture and personality, but can also be a perfect shade design.


The one of common house designs within Minecraft is the treehouse. In many ways, it’s a childhood wish of many players, and then it’s possible to create it.

Treehouses could be quite rustic and shacklike, or they can be uber-modern and sleek like this one made by AnuTCS.

Tree House

The ideal biome to build the treehouse is the jungle. However, even if no biological zone is available it is possible to construct a mock tree that can be built first to replicate the appearance of a normal tree.

After the foundations are in place and the house is ready to be constructed on different levels over the branches to create an illusion of trees growing around the home.

  Modern Beach House

Given how Minecraft is known for the extremely rustic and traditional look of its building blocks, it’s difficult to create modern-looking constructions.

It could be awe-inspiring to see how well they are when you have the right amount of imagination, like this beach house from KugioMC.

  Modern Beach House

When you’re building a modern-day house is best to choose materials that appear simple. Concrete is among the most suitable materials to build contemporary Minecraft home designs and is a great match with wood planks that are virtually every hue.

Glass can also be used in modern-day constructions to create glass windows and glass railings. Plants such as sugarcane are able to blend in with the contemporary style as well.

 Underwater Hideout

If you are a builder looking for the most impressive Minecraft house design take a look at The Sleeping Tiger’s stunning house.

It is extremely difficult to build underwater to survive in the game unless you have a Conduit close by, plenty of potions, and the right equipped equipment along with an entire bucket of sponges to drain any building.

Underwater Hideout

However, underwater structures generally look stunning. It’s not only a way for you to hide the base, but it also gives you an opportunity to explore different forms and materials, like Prismarine or Stained Glass.

Furthermore, its Coral Reef is Coral Reef biome is no doubt the most gorgeous marine-themed biome that you can construct.

 Multi-tier Survival Base

When you are looking for an all-tier survival base you need a base that is simple to access, provides plenty of space to accommodate all your requirements, and is simple to construct. 

This particular structure is made from spruce wood as well as logs along with stone and bricks. It’s also perfect for those who are just beginning to get started in the new Minecraft world because of its basic design.

 Multi-tier Survival Base

It’s easy to upgrade it by adding more tiers or expanding horizontally, meaning it’s possible to call this area your home for a long period of time. Additionally, the multi-tiered design is perfect for those who are confined to the top of the world at their disposal.

  Rustic Survival House

If you’re looking to build an edgier-style survival home and you’re looking for a more rustic-looking home, this is the right house for you. 

It’s constructed mainly of stones, logs cobblestone, and some classic bricks that give it a rustic appearance and feel.

  Rustic Survival House

This model is ideal when you’re in search of something that’s easy to get into and has ample space to meet your requirements. 

Additionally, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to build an emergency home that could be a beautiful option for any terrain.

 All-In-One Survival Hous

The most crucial element of a survival home is that it’s easy to access, has ample space to meet everything you need (like storage or potion-making) as well as being simple to build. 

The building is constructed of a variety of substances that you’ll encounter all around you, including dirt stones, wood, and even stone.

 All-In-One Survival Hous

This model is ideal for those who want an all-in-one, survival home. It has all the things you’ll ever require – from a craft space to a farm to house your livestock and crops.

 Simple Survival House

A basic survival home is a great option for people who are just beginning to explore an entirely brand new Minecraft world. 

The houses are usually constructed from a handful of basic elements and are easily constructed to allow you to focus on more important tasks such as exploring the world and locating useful resources to aid you in your way.

 Nether House

The Nether is a dangerous area and you’ll require an area to shield yourself from the mobs of hostile people that reside in the area.

This house is the ideal place to start to ensure your safety while you collect more resources to build something bigger.

 Nether House

It may not have enough room to store all your possessions including farm plots and enchantment rooms aren’t ideal, but you could easily increase it should you need to.

 Beach House

This beach home is ideal for those who want to take at the stunning views of the ocean each morning. 

You’ll need plenty of wood planks and logs to finish this project Also, you must think about gathering seeds or farm animals to effectively make a living off the land nearby.

 Beach House

If you’re looking for something a bit different from your standard survival home This could be the perfect place.

  Boat House

A boathouse is an ideal solution for anyone looking to be able to live in a unique way and also has room for all their belongings.

  Boat House

It’s a straightforward design that can be built from a range of materials. All you have to do is choose your preferred spot to build your boathouse.

  Survival House Ideas Near Me Location 


I am sure these Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas got you excited and ready to bring out your creative skills.

Take inspiration from some of these cool Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas and build a fan base for yourself. Minecraft is a fun place to explore your creativity and skills. 

These Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas have intricate details that you can add your own touch to. It is amazing what you can do with a simple jungle House.

Use your own ideas to elevate any of these Jungle House ideas mentioned above. Create a functional and beautiful Jungle House that will keep you safe and comfortable for a while. What are you waiting for? Get started on your  Survival House design now. 

FAQSBest  for Minecraft Survival House Ideas

(1) What is the best Minecraft house?

50 BEST Minecraft House Ideas – Ultimate List (2022)
  • House with Swimming Pool. …
  • Modern Treehouse. …
  • Squid Game House. …
  • Oak Survival House. …
  • Pirate Base House. …
  • Modern House. …
  • Luxury Modern House. …
  • Water Modern House.

(2) Where is the best place to build a house in Minecraft survival?

Beaches in Minecraft are a great place to build a survival house. They will be a lot wider in the upcoming update, giving users more room for their building.
With a base on the beach, they can go fishing in the ocean at any time.

(3) What is the most popular house in Minecraft?

One of the most famous house ideas is the Minecraft treehouses. Since it’s Minecraft, there can be an unlimited number of ways to make one.
All that makes a house into a treehouse is the use of wood, forest location, and tree theme. Some players take it to the next level by creating it hidden in trees.

(4) What’s a good Minecraft seed?

The best Minecraft seeds are:
  • Coastal Towns.
  • Mooshroom Paradise.
  • Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves.
  • Beautiful Lush Cave.
  • Vertical Island Village.
  • Hillside Village.
  • Biome cluster.
  • Slime Farm.

(5) Who’s the best Minecraft player?

Top 10 Best Minecraft Players in the World (2022)
  • #1. DanTDM. DanielTdm Robert Middleton, best known online as DanTDM is one of the best YouTubers. …
  • #2. Conjure. …
  • #3. Jelly. …
  • #4. CaptainSparklez. …
  • #5. PrestonPlayz. …
  • #6. UnspeakableGaming. …
  • #7. PopularMMOs. …
  • #8. IHasCupquake.

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