Minecraft Modern House Ideas Updated in 2022

  Minecraft Modern House Ideas Updated in [2022]


Are you in search of some unique Minecraft Modern House Ideas? If you’re looking for some ideas for your next project and want to get deeper into Minecraft houses to help you get started on the road to building your ideal home. 

You must set aside some time, some money, and a bit of love because building a home in the Minecraft Modern House Ideas isn’t an easy job.

While building the perfect home in Minecraft Modern House Ideas is a long-winded process it’s nothing like the sensation you feel when you look out your window from the confines of your cozy home or take in the stunning views from your hilltop retreat. 

these latest Minecraft Modern House Ideas can help you avoid the time and effort of building the design from scratch and you’ll have more time relaxing in your new home and less time building things.

Minecraft Modern House Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Minecraft builder or are attempting this challenging task for the first time,

we’ve provided different kinds of Minecraft Modern House Ideas that you could construct, such as timber cabins and beach houses suburbia homes as well as medieval-era homes. 

Each of the buildings featured here comes with an easy video tutorial included making building it easier.

Modern House

A hint at the materialistic world the house is all about presenting. From the stylish exterior to the luxurious indoors, you might get realistic house-building goals from the house. 

Modern homes that are built in Minecraft are also as full of variety as our list of top Minecraft home designs. 

However, what you will find most often are white villa-style homes. You will require lots of things to build them, but the end outcome is certainly worth it.

If your first impressions of modern-day homes are a bit shocking, that’s because that was the idea behind it. 

 Modern House

Nearly every Minecraft YouTube channel has its own unique version of modular houses we believe that the one created by Akila Gaming is a great choice for the majority of players. 

There are a few frequent themes that include paint or plants and glass within almost every home style. 

The best method to create these is to play with a game of creativity. It is also possible to take hours, or even days, to collect the things you’ll require.

Japanese House

Pewdiepie’s base is a reflection of a variety of Japanese cultures. There’s more than what an Anime enthusiast or general Japanese culture lover can discover in Minecraft. 

With their traditional curving roofs and the classic hang lamps, these homes are difficult to miss.

This instructional video by YouTuber BlueBits will cover everything you need to build building a Japanese home in Minecraft. 

  Japanese House

In addition, adding details such as flowers and a bamboo plant can make you feel like you’re in Japan. 

One of the great things about these homes is that they don’t need numerous unique things to construct. However, time and effort remain essential.

Find the Best Minecraft House Ideas

If you’ve got some of the top Minecraft house designs, the next thing is finding the right location for the houses. 

We have already gathered the most popular Minecraft city and base seeds which you can make use of. These seeds will give you several interesting areas, open-air, and hidden areas to build your Minecraft home. 

Koi Garden

Although, they are only compatible with Minecraft 1.18. prior to 1.18. Minecraft 1.18 upgrade. If you’re looking to construct bases with the latest models of terrain, then you should make use of the one we recommend as our most popular Minecraft mountains seeds. 

We will let you go in the direction of gathering all the necessary resources for your new home. Tell us your favorite of these Minecraft home designs you’re planning to build in the comment section!

The two-story house is a straightforward Minecraft house concept and is extremely simple to construct. 

To construct this house you will require a base material, and you don’t have any prior experience with the construction process for Minecraft houses. 

  Simple Two Story Hous

If you’re beginning to become a Minecraft gamer, this tutorial will guide you through the building process of this home. 

Maximalist Modern House

Reminiscing about the design of white-walled houses. Maximalist Modern House by BlueBeey is among the most modern and stylish Minecraft houses that have wooden partitions and white walls. The house also has glass panes and a few lamps hanging from the roof.

Maximalist Modern House

The design is stunning and overlooks an eddy lake. But, the house’s gardens aren’t as extensive. It’s time to check out Minecraft gardening ideas to make a better version of the garden?

Luxury Villa House

Another amazing design includes the Luxury Villa House by LubovLC.

The contemporary villa is like an ideal vacation spot. With rooms that are connected and a pool and a well-placed sun lounge, there’s not surprising that this style is widely regarded as one of the top Minecraft home designs available.

Luxury Villa House

Although the color scheme has been tested and tried until it’s gone to pieces but it’s very well-deserving of being included on the list

Japanese Compound House

The Japanese Compound House from BlueBits is a striking design that is a replica of the architecture that is typical of the East.

Prior to entering the restaurant, You’ll need to walk through a structure that has curvy roof eaves that are already striking you with the famous atmosphere of Japanese culture.

Japanese Compound House

You then enter an open courtyard, where you can explore the Japanese-themed area at your own pace. If you’d like to relax then you can go outside to enter a peaceful bamboo garden to sit and meditate or walk.

Modern Building House

If you’re unable to reside or visit a mansion in actual life, you can learn to construct it using some of the best impressive Minecraft mansion concepts! The modern Building House by IrieGenie appears to be a perfect fantasy to be a part of. 

Modern Building House

Apart from the meticulously maintained and perfectly arranged swimming pool and garden The house isn’t hesitant to awe anyone who steps into the space.

Spruce Wood House

If you are looking for a sense of simplicity This Spruce Wood House is made by TSMC The Spruce Wood House by TSMC Minecraft is accessible to anyone who is a beginner or an intermediate builder. 

It’s not a lot in terms of materials however, it’s not a 9 by 9 Dirt-style block shelter.

Spruce Wood House

If you are looking for building ideas and designs for your home Minecraft creators have come up go through this article.

Mountainside Castle House

A castle in the skies? Not quite; it’s a mountainside castle!

The Mountainside Castle House by BigTonyMC is constructed and composed of Stone Brick and Black stone blocks. It’s reminiscent of a castle due to its tall walls and high towers.

Mountainside Castle House

Although the roof might not be what you’re accustomed to seeing on castles, this model is also a mix of other things that merit being listed on this checklist: A lovely garden, a large room as well as more fortified protection against the threat of mountains throughout.

Fairytale Cottage House

The Fairytale Cottage House from BigTonyMC is a fantastic Minecraft home design for those who are looking for something simple but engaging.

The interior of the cottage is decorated with theme pink hues as well as some overgrown vegetation and even an observation tower. The forest surrounding the house gives a rustic vibe to this adorable little house.

Fairytale Cottage House

If you love to play in the open air with flowers or across an over This is thought of as among the most appealing Minecraft home ideas you can come back to after a great day spent exploring.

Lake Minecraft House

There’s nothing better than enjoying the chilly breeze of an enchanting lake and creating your dream home over it, in the far reaches of the. 

You can capture fish or cook your dinner every day, and then watch the sunset and rise on an idyllic Minecraft world. 

The most appealing aspect is that fish is one of the most effective sources of food available in Minecraft, specifically for those who aren’t familiar with building animal barns. 

Lake Minecraft House

Thus, you’re experiencing one of the most effective Minecraft home survival ideas by shooting this design.

There’s also a separate area that is devoted to crops at the rear of the home to harvest the resources that come from. 

The amount of materials needed to build Lake Minecraft House also isn’t too extravagant and only consists of Stripped Oak Logs, Oak Planks, and Oak Stairs as well as Stripped Spruce Logs.

Another benefit of a home that is situated on a lake is protection from mobs that are hostile, which is definitely important when starting playing the game and learning basic mechanics.

  Mediterranean Minecraft House

The Mediterranean Minecraft House isn’t a basic homestead that’s built solely to live. It’s an object that exudes elegance and gives an image that is top-of-the-line. 

Traditional Mediterranean-style houses arched windows and doors as well as an enormous exterior space which would have been a huge hit when Minecraft let you drive cars. 

In addition, the house also houses garages and driveways in addition to other amazing exterior elements.

Mediterranean Minecraft House

This is a large build that has several different types of structures inside the same area, so don’t be expecting this to be just another one of the tiny Minecraft home ideas. 

Many users have constructed this type of house in a fully-fledged or even a whole colony. This lets it possible to make the Mediterranean Minecraft House flow superbly seamlessly with the rest of the community, yet it is able to stand out from the rest of the area. 

On the inside, it has extravagant bedrooms, magnificent dining tables that have stunning decorations as well as an all-over extravagant design that doesn’t do anything except impress right starting.

 Oak Wood Minecraft House

The Oak Wood Minecraft House is a simple and straightforward concept that lets novices build an entire survival home within the Minecraft world. It is built with a small-scale architecture and is simple to construct and is comprised of two floors. 

It also has a basement as well in case you decide to invest the extra effort and build it outside of the home. The basic layout is 16 blocks by 16 blocks design The house isn’t overly large for the construction that we’re considering. 

The only thing you’ll need is the most basic of materials, which are easily gathered in the early game.

Oak Wood Minecraft House

For the first time, you’ll utilize Oak Wood and Oak Planks in combination to create a floor, but eventually, you’ll move towards Birch Wood Planksafterward. 

This is used to build the walls of your home and the roof afterward. It is a decent home that might not be a lot of fun but is definitely able to fulfill all the necessities that a newbie will require in their initial Minecraft home.


This Versatile Minecraft House is just an absolute success. It has a small-scale farming operation at the bottom, which can produce a decent amount of produce.

It also houses it has a complete housing system comprising beds and An Inspiring Table as well as other pieces of décor that you’ll be happy to own. 

It’s not difficult to construct as you’ll require materials from the beginning of the game like Oak Wood Logs, Oak Planks, and Oak Wood Stairs as well as Spruce Wood Slabs for most parts of its exterior. Fences will also is useful for adding more depth to the construction.

Window boxes are another feature that the house can boast about. They are made up of flowers that are placed in pots and create a look inviting. 


For the interior, you’re able to arrange it in any way you’d prefer. It’s fairly efficient, overall, given the size of it, and includes everything you’ll need to start and play in survival mode. 

The layout for the basic plan is around 11×16 blocks to build a house So make sure you are able to do it right. By doing this, you can ensure that you can finish the rest of the building quickly. The most effective Minecraft house design for certain is that you can’t go wrong.

 Fantasy Minecraft House

The Fantasy Minecraft House is, it’s straight from the pages of a fantasy novel, featuring all the fanatic elements pumped up to the max. 

This is not for the weak of heart and should be constructed first using Minecraft’s Creativity Mode. It will require about 7 piles of normal stone and various other items to make this home appear. 

The layout initially is built with this material, but you’ll be required to install Spruce stairs, Spruce Trapdoors, as well as Spruce Slabsto, continue. 

It will all come together with the time and effort but don’t be expecting that everything will go smoothly in the first go-round.


It took players a lot of Minecraft days to create this model using the Survival mode But wait you know the length of an average Minecraft day in our day, don’t you? Check out this article in case you weren’t of it. 

Another thing you must be aware of is the inclusion of smooth Red Sandstoneto builds one that forms the roofing of the home. If you find this type of material difficult to collect during the gameplay’s Survival Mode the best alternative that you could use is Blackstone.

  Minecraft Winter Mansion

Are you tired of living in the Winter biome in the game with no house that can slap? Get into the style of The Minecraft Winter Mansion and make yourself a bed that shines immediately upon entering. 

This massive design is one of the top Minecraft home ideas for survival that makes Creepersand and co seem small to handle. 

It’s good to know that the majority of the structure is made up of Oak Planks, approximately 858 of them to be exact, and Dark Oak Plankstoo.

Minecraft Winter Mansion

A huge, cozy mansion with a stunning interior is what you require to escape the frigid winter days with elegance and comfort equally. 

A geometric style is used throughout the home and there are ample windows that allow you to peek at the snow and storms that are brewing outside. 

Don’t restrict yourself to building a mansion within the winter-related biome just. If the concept has intrigued you, go ahead and build it in different biomes as well and have fun playing in the way you like.

 Exotic Minecraft Beach House

Let’s focus on something else to make a difference now. The construction of a chic house in front of a lake or massive water source is a sure way to fail and the Exotic Minecraft Beach House is focused on making the right choices. 

The primary materials needed for this design include Stone Stairs, Stone blocks, the Jungle Slab, Wood Slab, Stained Glass, and Birch Fence.

Exotic Minecraft Beach House

You can add any additional ornaments to enhance the view of the ocean and this amazing beauty, but be prepared to get into the intricacies of ornaments when you plan to construct the home within survival mode. 

The best beach Minecraft home designs in the game has all the flash they could, but there’s nothing like the exotic Minecraft Beach House when it comes down to its ideal dimensions, gorgeous layout, and general comfort.

  Aesthetic Mushroom House

Are you looking to liven up your Minecraft world with cute houses? On top of the list of the adorable Minecraft houses, concepts Take an in-depth glance at this aesthetic Mushroom Houseand to make a decision whether it’s worth the effort. 

The beautiful house is constructed using red Mushrooms to be one of the principal components, in addition to Mushroom stems, Green Concrete, Stone Brick Walls along with Spruce Wood Trapdoors.

Aesthetic Mushroom House

It’s not mediocre in any way, interior-wise either. It’s furnished with stylish hanging lights and an attractive Table along with an Enchanting Table, and a crafting Table–both of that are essential to your survival. 

The house is built in a 4 by 4 layout with four additional blocks placed in a diagonal fashion in each corner. The house is able to be constructed within any type of biome. Be sure to clear the grass prior to beginning to build it.

  Relaxing Minecraft House

The Relaxing Minecraft House uses a distinctive color scheme and an even more distinctive style. It’s set in the Japanese Sakura tree and is further surrounded by gates. 

The design is a bit gaudy and features llamas roaming through it perfectly in harmony. The design follows a 10- by 8 grid, which means it’s not at a large scale.

Relaxing Minecraft House

The interior is full of attractive items. There’s a gorgeously designed sleeping area, reading space as well as a kitchen with lighting that is walled, and plenty more. 

If you enjoy playing Minecraft to unwind after a tiring day at work, you should definitely be taking a look at this amazing Minecraft house design for your life.

Librarian Desert House

It is a House called the Librarian Desert House built by BlueBits is an original home built with distinctive architecture that could house the librarian of your village.

It will require an estimated 188 pieces of Terracotta, the 168 Cut Sandstone, 103 Spruce planks along with eighty Dark Oak planks to make this home. Take a look at the video below to see the complete list of materials.

Librarian Desert House

If you’re looking for something just like this, you could also get some ideas from our article about awesome Minecraft homes to build for the Minecraft creatures

Ultimate Survival House

This is a truly unique design you can make within your Survival World. With easily-obtainable materials like Logs, Planks, and Cobblestone it shouldn’t be difficult for you to construct a survival house like the Ultimate Survival House by SV Gravity. 

Be sure to complete it before Zombies and Skeletons are able to take over your home!

Ultimate Survival House

If you’re looking for amazing background images for Minecraft then check the following article for the complete list.

Large Spruce Mansion House

It’s awe-inspiring to build an entire house from the simplest of materials and turn it into something extraordinary.

The huge Spruce Mansion House by Folli can accomplish this feat by making use of the most popular game materials, and creating an incredibly stunning two-story house. 

Large Spruce Mansion House

In addition to its Wooden material and Cobblestone lighting, the lamps illuminate the space to make it more welcoming.

Woodland Mansion House

Have you ever dreamed of creating a castle without the hassle of building one?

The Woodland Mansion House by BigTonyMC closely mimics the castle, with the turret protruding from the wooden roof of the house.

Woodland Mansion House

Some might say that this is more of an upscale tavern rather as opposed to it being a castle I’d say it’s a miniature castle of some sort.

What is your opinion? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

Large Oak Survival House

Now you’re in the game’s end and you’re looking to build the strongest fortress possible to defend yourself from mobs and spawners.

The Large Oak Survival House by Folli will help you achieve your goal, with walls around every corner and watchtowers, gates for entry, and an elevated foundation on stilts at the center of the entire thing. 

Large Oak Survival House

The only Minecraft houses will leave you as secure as this one.

Although I believe that certain of these features might be a bit exaggerated When a crowd of zombies starts running rampant is there anyone who will be the one who makes it through alive?

Simple Wooden House

The first thing to do is start with this simple wooden House from Folli can be described as a large wooden house that is constructed using strips of Logs as well as Door Panels to create a modern woodsy, modern style.

The exterior has many lamps, while the interior is illuminated by sunlight that streams through the high Glass Pane windows.

Simple Wooden House

An attractive feature of this design is hanging vines on the balcony. It adds a nice accent to the house and is particularly a nice complement to the predominant brown tones. 

To create a Minecraft foundation the house appears comfortable and secure. The perfect place to retreat to after a day of exploring!

Desert Village House

Take a look at the Desert Village House by BlueBits. A temple set in the desert the Minecraft house design stands tall, with a distinctive ensemble of building materials.

The Prismarine Walls and Slabs make an exciting and creative design that offers a vibrant visually striking contrast to the sand sea which surrounds all four sides of the desert-like construction.

Desert Village House

A few bricks, Sandstone, Iron Bars, and Acacia Planks add to the exterior to give an exotic and abandoned feel to the area.

Medieval House

Do you want to construct a medieval-themed town, do you? You shouldn’t miss out on the Medieval House by BlueNerd Minecraft. 

The house is spacious and has white walls, wooden roofs, and partitions as well as the base layer of stone that is one of the most stylish houses that Minecraft creators have given to the general public to view. 

Medieval Hou se

It could be regarded as an aristocratic or nobleman’s residence. One of the more sophisticated Minecraft mansion concepts.

In addition, there is a part of the house that is an attic with a watchtower. I can envision this Minecraft home design thriving on Maps for PVE as an ideal base for your group of buddies.

Hobbit Hole Storage Or Home

One of the most difficult tasks to manage in Minecraft can be storage. The players will accumulate tons of loot and crafting items as they move through their life that they’ll require many chests to keep it all. 

There are some models designed that are designed with storage in mind like this one from YouTuber TheMythicalSausage. 

The concept is the idea of “underground storage” and amps it up to eleven. It could be used as an initial base, a combination of both, or whatever else players could come up with.

It’s simple enough for most to construct in the survival realm, yet retains enough detail to look breathtaking, especially on the exterior. 

It is able to be cut into any hillside, offering players a variety of environments to build in. This is the perfect model for those looking to create their own designs while starting with a solid base of references.

Small Mountain Home

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft’s latest Caves, as well as Cliffs update, is the sprawling mountain ranges that are now over the new worlds. 

These peaks offer players an impressive view of surroundings and are quite thrilling to construct within and especially when players construct a home with a design that “looks and feels” as if it’s atop an imposing mountain.

If you’re just beginning your journey in the Mountain biome and are in need of the freshest (and relatively easy) house should look into this concept by Youtuber ItsMarloe. 

It’s a great base for those who want to plant roots high above the clouds. Its tiny size stops players from wasting hours grinding away at the required items during Survival Mode and ItsMarloe still is able to fit in an impressive nine barrels of storage using them for flooring. 

It’s a brilliant design that contains all the items needed to survive, and also looks like a mountain hideaway.

Impressive Tree House

It’s quite a task and rewarding to create several of the instructional videos listed on the list using Survival Mode but there are numerous Minecraft players who enjoy entering to switch on Creative Mode, and letting their imaginations take over. 

If you’re seeking to construct something more striking and with the help of Creative Mode, should check out this stunning treehouse made by Youtuber Typeface. 

The vast, stylish and intricate house grows like it was made from a tree, with leaves, and an adjacent tree that has an escalator and bridge.

It’s huge in terms of size, yet is tiny enough to appear realistic in the Minecraft world. While it is possible to build an impressive structure with Survival Mode, it would surely take a significant amount of time and money. 

The typeface offers a step-by-step construction tutorial in the Youtube video above. It leaves players with a stunning Tree House that is far more impressive than just constructing some platforms in the trees.

Hanging House

People who want to live above the clouds might be interested in hanging houses with a “chain-like” design to drop from a cliff. 

SheepGG presents this stunning design to life, stuffed with everything a player could require to live in a minimalist, yet modern living space. It’s a brilliant idea and certainly an impressive home that will awe and amaze every person who comes across it.

The creator laid down the steps to build this kind of structure in this Youtube video above, providing an easy step-by-step tutorial for those who want to build something like it.

Japanese Style House

Minecraft offers a range of biomes that are unique and these “changes in scenery” have led some players to design diverse styles of structure to breathe new life into their digital worlds. 

People who want to incorporate different styles of life into their Minecraft maps might want to look into creating a Japanese-style traditional temple-like residence. 

These intricate designs are incredibly gorgeous in real life and can be easily incorporated into Minecraft’s squishy worlds.

BlueBits have put together this simple and comprehensive Youtube video that explains how users can build their own Japanese-style homes in Minecraft. This is the perfect starting point for ideas on these types of designs.

Multiple trees

In the right biome, there is no shortage of trees in Minecraft. So, why not use as many of them as possible when building a treehouse?

In real life, treehouses are usually quite tiny, but this doesn’t need to be the case in Minecraft. Using multiple trees for a house allows gamers to build as big of a base as they please.

Secret tree base

Treehouses can be fun in appearance, but not every gamer wants to be obvious about their base. Minecraft YouTuber Brian came up with a great treehouse design that involves a hidden, underground house rather than one elevated in the trees.

Building one’s hidden base near a tree is a great idea. In case of emergencies, the tree can serve as a useful landmark for remembering the base’s location. This way, players can enjoy tree-living without being too evident about it.

 The bigger the better

Gamers do not have to feel limited by the design of a simple, naturally generated Minecraft tree. The tree(s) can be expanded manually into a huge, grand base to work with.

YouTuber Derezero, for example, made an epic treehouse by adding lots of elements to a standard-looking tree. They also used lanterns to accentuate the design, making it more rustic.


I am sure these Minecraft Modern House Ideas got you excited and ready to bring out your creative skills.

Take inspiration from some of these cool Minecraft Modern House Ideas and build a fan base for yourself. Minecraft is a fun place to explore your creativity and skills. 

These Minecraft Modern House Ideas have intricate details that you can add your own touch to. It is amazing what you can do with a simple jungle House.

Use your own ideas to elevate any of these Minecraft Modern House Ideas mentioned above. Create a functional and beautiful Minecraft Modern House that will keep you safe and comfortable for a while. What are you waiting for? Get started on your Minecraft Modern House design now. 

Minecraft Modern House Ideas Near Me Location

FAQS For Minecraft Modern House Ideas

(1) What is the coolest Minecraft house?

Here are all of the cool Minecraft house ideas for you to try out:
  • Medieval house.
  • Underground house.
  • Treehouse.
  • Wooden house.
  • Suburban.
  • Modern house.
  • Beach house.
  • Japanese house.

(2) What should I build in my Minecraft house?

There are several things that are very useful to include in your house in Minecraft.
  • Foyer.
  • Crafting room.
  • Smelting room.
  • Storage room.
  • Entrance to your mine.
  • Bedroom.
  • Brewery.
  • Enchanting room.

(3) What is the most popular house in Minecraft?

One of the most famous house ideas is the Minecraft treehouses. Since it’s Minecraft, there can be an unlimited number of ways to make one.
All that makes a house into a treehouse is the use of wood, forest location, and tree theme. Some players take it to the next level by creating it hidden in trees.

(4) How do you make a house in Minecraft step by step?

How to make an amazing Minecraft house
  • Dig out a 4 by 12 area.
  • In the middle edge of it dig out a 4 by 6 area.
  • Dig it 2 blocks deeper.
  • Fill the bottom layer with wood planks.
  • Put logs in all the corners to ground height.
  • Fill the edges with planks.

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