Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints [2022]

Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints [2022]


Are you in search of some unique Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints? If you’re looking for some ideas for your next project and want to get deeper into Minecraft houses to help you get started on the road to building your ideal home. 

You must set aside some time, some money, and a bit of love because building a home in Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints isn’t an easy job.

While building the perfect home in Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints is a long-winded process it’s nothing like the sensation you feel when you look out your window from the confines of your cozy home or take in the stunning views from your hilltop retreat. 

These Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints can help you avoid the time and effort of building the design from scratch and you’ll have more time relaxing in your new home and less time building things.

Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Minecraft builder or are attempting this challenging task for the first time,

we’ve provided different kinds of Best Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints that you could construct, such as timber cabins and beach houses suburbia homes as well as medieval-era homes. 

Each of the buildings featured here comes with an easy video tutorial included making building it easier.

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Modern House

In a reference to the world of material, This home is all about style. From the stylish exterior to the luxurious inside, you might get real-world house plans from the house. 

Modern homes that are built in Minecraft also offer as much variety as our list of the best Minecraft home designs. 

What you’ll see most are white villa-style homes. You will require many things to construct them, but the end result is worth the effort.

If first impressions of modern-day homes are a bit overwhelming, it’s because that was designed to be. 

Modern House

Nearly every Minecraft YouTuber is playing their personal unique version of modular houses We believe that the one made by Akila Gaming can be useful for the majority of users. 

There are a few common themes, including paintings glass, plants, and paint in nearly every house style. 

The most effective way to design these is to play them by playing games in a creative manner. You can also take hours, or even days, to collect the things you’ll require.

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The house has a swimming pool

If a sprawling modern home isn’t a feasible project for you This tiny-sized House with Swimming Pool from HALNY is an ideal compromise. 

The honeycomb-shaped house is an exquisitely artistic piece that is easy to admire. It has three distinct compartments, a charming pink floral garden, and two-tiered fencing that exudes the suburban appearance. 

The house has a swimming pool.

If you use the appropriate shaders it is possible to make the pool appear transparent and also complement the style of the structure quite well.

Wooden Survival House

While we can’t help but be impressed by the striking angle and the dramatic angle, this Wooden Living House from One Team does a fantastic job at mirroring a cabin that fits the theme of a rural village.

With just a few grains of wheat growing in the entrance of your home along with alternate bush plants that sit under the window sills Many elements are a hit in this minimalist, yet attractive home.

Wooden Survival House

Don’t neglect to mention the Cobblestone or Stone Brick block placements! Provides a secure and scary feel to the house.

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Modern House

Moving away from a solely cottage-style route I’d like to introduce readers to one of the very first Minecraft Minecraft modern house ideas on the list: this modern House from SheepGG.

It uses ordinary as well as dark Quartz to disguise the woodblocks that are extensively used in this Minecraft home build. It’s not that the logs look ugly. 

Modern House

This just shows the possibility of making things look nice with the proper plan and design. It’s all about the appropriate blocks as well, of course!

Aquarium House

Let’s take it up to the next level and take a look at something truly original. It’s called the Aquarium House from SheepGG and boasts a huge two-floor aquarium that is filled with plants, fish, and marine life that go as far as the eye can see! The aquarium is perfectly suited to the style of the home. 

The staircase that ascends to the front door as well as the lush and organized landscape, and the stunning contrast of white, black and gray – everything can be seen in this contemporary-style aquarium house.

Aquarium House

In the spirit of aquariums, here are some additional furniture pieces that you could use to brighten up your living space.

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Modern Treehouse

Instead of removing the trees that make up your natural habitat Why not construct and extend upwards your space of living?

This modern Treehouse from 6tenstudio blends beautiful natural forest with the elegant elegance and luxury of modern living. 

Modern Treehouse

From hanging lamps to natural roofing to modern furniture, you can get the entire package when you build this Minecraft home build.

What you don’t immediately notice in the image above is the actual elevator that takes people from floor to floor. Pretty neat, if you ask me!

Two-Floor Wooden House

To be honest I’m an absolute sucker for skinned Log designs. It’s clean and has a polished finish that tickles my desire for minimalism. 

The two-floor Wooden House from JUNS MAB Architecture instructional video (yes that’s their name) is an awe-inspiringly clever use of blocks in their effort to build a simple two-floor house and, it’s true that they’ve done it perfectly.

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Two-Floor Wooden House

From the second floor’s outdoor and the criss-cross fence that runs along the entryway to the first floor, and the well-placed lighting The elements of this house radiate elegance. It’s enough to say that I’m awestruck by this home.

Squid Game House

On the exterior On the outside, the exterior of this Minecraft creation acts as an accent to make you think of The Netflix popular show. Inside it’s… Let’s declare that you’re able to call it home.

The Squid Game House by HALNY includes the famous triangle, circle, and square symbolism that many consider synonymous with the design of the series. 

Squid Game House

Although you won’t be fighting robotic girls, or climbing dangerous glass bridges within these structures, you can design the interior in any way you like

Wooden Modern House

The Wooden Modern House from SheepGG displays an elegant boxy style that combines modern and cabin-style styles. When you enter, the rooms are furnished with different flowers and plants, arranged into rooms that are neatly separated.

Squid Game House

It is possible to see the garden haven by taking a look at the outside as well. With only woodblocks and a few plants, this is one of the most interesting Minecraft modern home designs that makes the most of the limited selection of materials. Let me be honest with you.

Do you want to know if your mouse is suitable for Minecraft? Look over this most recommended Minecraft Mouse list.

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Underground House

The beauty of architecture doesn’t only have to be reflected in towers or castles which tower over the sky. A one-floor, the flat structure could be equally impressive, as shown in the stunning Underground House by Spudetti.

Separated into four equal spaces The circular fortress constructed entirely underground sets things apart from typical two-story homes Minecraft creates. 

Underground House

From the sky, the symmetrical circular marvel is something to behold. We can only imagine what it would be like when you look up at the sky in the evening from the ground.

Modern Villa House

This is a Modern Villa House created by Akila Gaming that doesn’t shy away when it comes to showing off its luxuries chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and an outdoor kitchen as well as a bamboo-lined garden and even a Jacuzzi. 

It’s a place where anyone could easily discover themselves saying, “Hey, I want one of that.”

Modern Villa House

The house has a mostly white Quartz exterior, and edges that are black This modern home embodies elegance to the interior. It’s not something anybody can think of in an instant I’m sure.

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Beach House

If there’s one thing that I am more excited about than having adorable Minecraft homes, it’s taking some time to relax in the ocean. In this Beach House by Zaypixel, my desire of relaxing on a beach has been fulfilled…

is what I’d like to be able to say if these desires weren’t entangled in the screen of a video game. However, is a good start.

Beach House

In all honesty, This is one of the house designs in Minecraft that can be used to create an ideal tropical design in the event that you happen to get a spawning spot near open water. 

Do some digging and install some great mods, and it shouldn’t be difficult to be amazed by the beauty of the vast Minecraft ocean.

Underwater Modern House

Take a trip with the sea in the Underwater Modern House by Random Steve Guy. Walls with windows that are top-to-bottom that surround all floors allow viewers to look beyond the house that has been submerged, and to the seafloor.

If you’d like to see the outside go up to the top of the building to enjoy a breathtaking view of ocean waves from all four sides of your house. 

Underwater Modern House

I’d guess that only the most courageous of us could be brave enough to undertake this kind of house – imagine being there at night, with no island to be seen. Shudders!

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Modern City House

Instead of simple cabins or themed homes, There are other ways to have fun with the design of your Minecraft home. 

The Modern City House by JINTUBE adds modern style to the world with well-planned furniture, potted plants as well as hedges, a pool as well as two levels of modern beauty.

Modern City House

The estate-like characteristics can be explained by the effective use of spacing and white walls, thanks to Concrete blocks. 

If you’re looking to construct an urban area it’s one of the Minecraft house designs that will surely provide you with some ideas.

Oak Survival House

Returning to wooden structures This Oak Survival House by SheepGG is one of the best options for a dream vacation home you would like you had with your family in the woods, where you could have summer sleepovers.

Oak Survival House

With a variety of staircases linking different areas of the house, including the hedges and stilts this is among the grand Minecraft home designs that don’t require too many resources to construct. All you need is wood planks, and other items made of them. There are plenty of them.

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Pirate Base House

If you are looking for distinctive fantasy Minecraft homes for your next project This Pirate Base House by DiddiHD could be something worth a look at.

It is situated on the sea (or at least near it) This home appears like a pirate vessel from far away. There is no other home that has the shape of this one and is worth a look in case you’re looking to be noticed. The home even has an unlit black flag on its top. building.

Pirate Base House

This is a great house with Wooden Planks, Panels, and various other blocks that are decorative This is among the most attractive Minecraft house designs that are frightening enough to make other players’ timbers shaken.

Modern House

The clean, modern design of the Modern House by Detsnow is an excellent illustration of how even the simplest ideas implemented well can look stunning. This Minecraft home design is an elegant, clean style without any extravagant ornaments or designs.

Modern House

The house itself is an unassuming, cozy home that one can retreat to after a day of exploration. You can take a dip in the pool that is infinity or relax in the lounge area outside and you’ll be guaranteed to be relaxed within one of the cleanest Minecraft homes you’ll ever experience.

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Luxury Modern House

When someone speaks of the idea of a party at home This is a place that will ensure guests have a good time.

Let’s face it take a look! The house is an ideal place to hang with your buddies for game night. The latest addition to the lavish Minecraft mansions This luxury Modern House from OSHACRA is a real sight to behold. 

Luxury Modern House

A comfortable swimming pool, a clean marble walkway, and a warm-toned second-floor space are just some of the elements of this building.

And, to no surprise, it is that they all blend together to create one stunning mansion. Find out about adorable Minecraft textures to put into your new world.

Water Modern House

We all think of log planks and amazing plants when building structures, however, have you thought of making water an integral element in your Minecraft home? The Water Modern House by Random Steve Guy has a design that is based on water.

When you enter the house it is necessary to cross elevated platforms in order to go through the building. (Otherwise, you’d get wet!) 

Water Modern House

The style of the house is minimalist and plain, however, it gives off an attractive look with its clean black and white wall combination.

Treehouse Hous

Imagine getting up in the morning to see a canopy of trees. They are not above but spread across every corner right at your feet!

The Treehouse House created by Typeface allows you to enjoy the dream of a 360-degree view of the surrounding forest. 

Treehouse Hous

The woodwork is beautiful and the roof is beautiful and the top floor gives you the perfect perch to gaze down at the mob of pesky people who believe they can take one over you!

This treehouse could be a great basis for building a house for a temporary village tribe. Simple and warm

Underground Survival House

The Home for Survival House created by SheepGG provides an intriguing warm and inviting take on the idea of a simple survival house in Minecraft.

It takes a lot of imagination and simplicity to make use of such a small area and also make it look great as well. Then, oh my! this design is able to accomplish exactly this!

Underground Survival House

It comes with Stone Slabs, Skinned Wood, Glass Panes, some Tree Leaves, and the basics for getting ready to tackle your next trip. Personally, I’d rather remain in a room such as this or transform it into storage space. storage space.

Epic Modern House

It’s possible that you’re tired of these modern homes and buildings, but they’re popular because of their appeal! The Epic Modern House by LubovLC has an open-plan layout with some twists. 

The walls are decorated with violets and a wood wall with stripes on the corners provides more originality than other modern houses featured in the collection.

Epic Modern House

A lush lawn with a sun lounge and garden is a great way to make the experience better if you want to inquire. 

The timeless white wall offers a striking contrast with the lush background of the forest, which is pleasant to observe.

Smallest Modern House

This Miniscule Modern House designed by random Steve Guy is so tiny that it could be a little bit like the size of an earthen home!

The most appealing aspect of this home is that it’s constructed with only Quartz blocks and a few ornamental elements. 

Smallest Modern House

All that’s required is the basic elements to keep the crowds out at the night. In spite of its small size, the hoodie still manages to make a statement by looking like a celebrity.

If you’re keen to try the limits of eye-catching design, having the smallest home will surely raise eyebrows particularly when you are in the PVP game mode.

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Mountain House

Have you ever thought of constructing a home on the mountain, but it still manages to look great as Minecraft home ideas? It’s a must-see Mountain House from JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is one of the most stylish models available.

The windows in the circular shape provide natural light and a stunning view of the beautiful outdoors. 

Mountain House

The view of the inside of the house is breathtaking too with well-lit ceilings and the addition of a few furniture pieces that can be used to freshen the space.

If you’re playing Minecraft 1.18 or another version, replicating this innovative version of a variety of mountains Minecraft mansion designs is guaranteed to be a hit with the crowds.

Mountain Vine House

It’s a great design. Mountain Vine House by Zaypixel is yet another amazing design that makes use of Minecraft’s procedurally generated mountain ranges.

The planting of the wood planks, vines, and bushes throughout the area creates stunning beauty and a calming atmosphere worthy of a house that is situated within mountains. 

Mountain Vine House

The wheat fields are a perfect match in conjunction with the decking as well as the overall design of the build giving the guests an attractive and practical view regardless of where they are in their own home. It’s one of the coolest Minecraft ideas for houses that makes me want to snap many photos!

Japanese House

Do not try to cover it up We’re all in awe of Japan’s stunning natural architecture. The Japanese House created by BlueBits beautifully recreates a home that appears like it’s been transported out of the countryside and into the world of Minecraft.

Japanese House

From the perfectly-fitting foliage from the well-fitting trees to the Japanese-style lighting sources This Minecraft design inspiration is sure to provide a lot of fun to boast about.

Modern Mansion House

Do you want to build on flat land? Pssh I’ve had it all, done it. Construction on the edge of a cliff that appears to be close to falling over? Then you’re talking to me in my language.

If you’re a fan of living your life to the extreme (pun totally intended) If you’re looking to live life on the edge, this modern mansion House created by random Steve Guy is one of the Minecraft home ideas that you’ll enjoy replicating.

Modern Mansion House

It is constructed using concrete blocks and some black inner blocks. It’s usually small, however, nothing can stop you from creating your own approach to this one of the more exciting Minecraft modern home designs.

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Large Japanese House

Drawing inspiration from Edo design, this edo-inspired large Japanese House by BlueNerd Minecraft is stunning under the bright orange autumnal shades. It is also strikingly like the serene temples that are scattered throughout East Asia.

Large Japanese House

It’s quite hidden too. This makes it ideal for players who wish to remain hidden and live a simple living life with no distractions!

Underwater Mountain House

We’ve featured mountain homes. We’ve also featured underwater homes. This is an idea that will bring to you the most desirable from both sides: the Underwater Mountain House by Zaypixel.

Like a mountain home previously seen, this house is constructed by digging through the layers of stones. This time, however, it’s located underwater.

Underwater Mountain House

To protect yourself this idea for building can be a great way to create a secret lair or a comfortable deck for viewing. It is possible to watch fish swim or even drive away to be drenched from crashing into your windows. You have the option!

Waterfall Modern House

With the correct Minecraft shaders that you have, you can create the majority of Minecraft home designs that appear completely different from the game’s base. Perhaps even 100 times cooler as that Waterfall Modern House by Random Steve Guy.

This is a cube with water falling down the walls on the outside and leaving behind a dark blue river along its way. It’s housed in a stylish Quartz block exterior wall too.

Waterfall Modern House

Although the structure appears like it’s floating in mid-air (or emerging from the cliff) You can build this design in the dirt or other designated areas as you like.

Spruce House

The Spruce House from Reimiho is a sprawling mix that has an abundance of vintage styles.

From its Spruce wooden slabs all the way to its Cobblestone roof, this style can be easily replicated as long as you’ve got the right materials.

Spruce House

Of course, if not an avid fan of Spruce it is possible to take the time to substitute them with your own preferred species like Acacia and Oak instead!

Leatherworker Desert House

Sometimes, we are spawned in the thick brush with streams and trees in the vicinity. Sometimes, the middle of the desert is where we spawn.

It’s a Design of a Leatherworker Desert House from BlueBits is a look at the second. It’s a basic design constructed using Wooden fences Sandstone as well as Acacia Planks. These components can be changed depending on the materials available.

Leatherworker Desert House

In a desert, having the bright orange hue of Acacia offer a contrast to the pale yellow sand providing an attractive and elegant touch. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be under the sun’s heat all-day

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Modern Pink House

If you’re sick of moving between Quartz blocks as well as wooden planks, then you’re lucky. It’s a great alternative. Modern Pink House by Kam The Builder is a modern house that is a little bit of the most adorable pink color you can ever opt for.

Modern Pink House

This design is possible to create in 1.18 using pink concrete blocks. It is possible to change them to your preferred concrete color (assuming there are the appropriate materials) However, we’re confident that everyone would think this is gorgeous.

Modern Blue House

Another home with color makes the list. This time, the Modern Blue House by LubovLC showcases an amazing intersecting blue square design, as well as a warm swimming pool to enjoy some good old R&R.

The simple but effective blend of white and blue will make this design stand out. Additionally, accessories like chairs and tables at the pool make the most of the Minecraft design.

Modern Blue House

If you’re looking for other Minecraft home ideas to include in the list of things to do, this is certain to be a big success.

Snowy Tundra Cabin House

Are you building in a snowy biome? The Snowy Tundra Cabin House created by InfiniteDrift will assist.

This particular build features the Stone Brick pyramid-shaped exterior and appears cozy and cozy on the inside.

Snowy Tundra Cabin House

On the inside, bales of hay, a sweet berry plant, and potted plants add the Christmas spirit to this Minecraft house design.

It makes me want to make hot cocoa, and curl up in my sleeping.

Medieval Mansion Hous

Its Medieval Mansion House by BigTonyMC could be an ideal castle for a King like the King Louis XIV of France.

The house is decorated with unique stone bricks that work well with the white and brown design, this home is one of the most luxurious Minecraft house design ideas that brings back the past with astonishing precision.

Medieval Mansion Hous

The regal influence throughout this magnificent home style.

If you’re looking for something massive, this is the best option for your medieval-themed village.

Lovely Pink House

Pink isn’t finished at this point. The Lovely Pink House created by GAMES is another fantastic architectural piece that makes use of our most beloved color, using Pink concrete blocks.

Apart from that glass panes and white Concrete blocks, planters, as well as a few wooden roof elements finish the appearance of the build. You can change the pink blocks in any color you’d like.

Lovely Pink House

Do you want to add visual appeal to your games? Learn more about Minecraft Plastic Texture Packs.

Large Modern House

Nothing can be as authentic as this large modern House designed with the help of IrieGenie. The stunning house has everything on its two floors, starting with an exclusive pool area as well as a living space with a few lounges inside as well as an entire bedroom.

In addition, the inside architecture is created with such precision and thought-through, it appears like the screenshot is taken from a completely different game!

Large Modern House

The search for this build will likely involve you searching for several shaders and mods, too. Even if it takes many hours to look your way through, the result you end up having will be far more than worthwhile.

Maximalist Modern House

Reminiscing about the design of white-walled houses. Maximalist Modern House by BlueBeey is among the most modern and stylish Minecraft houses that have wooden partitions and white walls. The house also has glass panes and a few lamps hanging from the roof.

Maximalist Modern House

The design is stunning and overlooks an eddy lake. But, the house’s gardens aren’t as extensive. It’s time to check out Minecraft gardening ideas to make a better version of the garden?

Luxury Villa House

Another amazing design includes the Luxury Villa House by LubovLC.

The contemporary villa is like an ideal vacation spot. With rooms that are connected and a pool and a well-placed sun lounge, there’s not surprising that this style is widely regarded as one of the top Minecraft home designs available.

Luxury Villa House

Although the color scheme has been tested and tried until it’s gone to pieces but it’s very well-deserving of being included on the list

Japanese Compound House

The Japanese Compound House from BlueBits is a striking design that is a replica of the architecture that is typical of the East.

Prior to entering the restaurant, You’ll need to walk through a structure that has curvy roof eaves that are already striking you with the famous atmosphere of Japanese culture.

Japanese Compound House

You then enter an open courtyard, where you can explore the Japanese-themed area at your own pace. If you’d like to relax then you can go outside to enter a peaceful bamboo garden to sit and meditate or walk.

Modern Building House

If you’re unable to reside or visit a mansion in actual life, you can learn to construct it using some of the best impressive Minecraft mansion concepts! The modern Building House by IrieGenie appears to be a perfect fantasy to be a part of. 

Modern Building House

Apart from the meticulously maintained and perfectly arranged swimming pool and garden The house isn’t hesitant to awe anyone who steps into the space.

Spruce Wood House

If you are looking for a sense of simplicity This Spruce Wood House is made by TSMC The Spruce Wood House by TSMC Minecraft is accessible to anyone who is a beginner or an intermediate builder. 

It’s not a lot in terms of materials however, it’s not a 9 by 9 Dirt-style block shelter.

Spruce Wood House

If you are looking for building ideas and designs for your home Minecraft creators have come up go through this article.

Mountainside Castle House

A castle in the skies? Not quite; it’s a mountainside castle!

The Mountainside Castle House by BigTonyMC is constructed and composed of Stone Brick and Black stone blocks. It’s reminiscent of a castle due to its tall walls and high towers.

Mountainside Castle House

Although the roof might not be what you’re accustomed to seeing on castles, this model is also a mix of other things that merit being listed on this checklist: A lovely garden, a large room as well as more fortified protection against the threat of mountains throughout.

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Fairytale Cottage House

The Fairytale Cottage House from BigTonyMC is a fantastic Minecraft home design for those who are looking for something simple but engaging.

The interior of the cottage is decorated with theme pink hues as well as some overgrown vegetation and even an observation tower. The forest surrounding the house gives a rustic vibe to this adorable little house.

Fairytale Cottage House

If you love to play in the open air with flowers or across an over This is thought of as among the most appealing Minecraft home ideas you can come back to after a great day spent exploring.

Librarian Desert House

It is a House called the Librarian Desert House built by BlueBits is an original home built with distinctive architecture that could house the librarian of your village.

It will require an estimated 188 pieces of Terracotta, the 168 Cut Sandstone, 103 Spruce planks along with eighty Dark Oak planks to make this home. Take a look at the video below to see the complete list of materials.

Librarian Desert House

If you’re looking for something just like this, you could also get some ideas from our article about awesome Minecraft homes to build for the Minecraft creatures

Ultimate Survival House

This is a truly unique design you can make within your Survival World. With easily-obtainable materials like Logs, Planks, and Cobblestone it shouldn’t be difficult for you to construct a survival house like the Ultimate Survival House by SV Gravity. 

Be sure to complete it before Zombies and Skeletons are able to take over your home!

Ultimate Survival House

If you’re looking for amazing background images for Minecraft then check the following article for the complete list.

Large Spruce Mansion House

It’s awe-inspiring to build an entire house from the simplest of materials and turn it into something extraordinary.

The huge Spruce Mansion House by Folli can accomplish this feat by making use of the most popular game materials, and creating an incredibly stunning two-story house. 

Large Spruce Mansion House

In addition to its Wooden material and Cobblestone lighting, the lamps illuminate the space to make it more welcoming.

Woodland Mansion House

Have you ever dreamed of creating a castle without the hassle of building one?

The Woodland Mansion House by BigTonyMC closely mimics the castle, with the turret protruding from the wooden roof of the house.

Woodland Mansion House

Some might say that this is more of an upscale tavern rather as opposed to it being a castle I’d say it’s a miniature castle of some sort.

What is your opinion? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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Large Oak Survival House

Now you’re in the game’s end and you’re looking to build the strongest fortress possible to defend yourself from mobs and spawners.

The Large Oak Survival House by Folli will help you achieve your goal, with walls around every corner and watchtowers, gates for entry, and an elevated foundation on stilts at the center of the entire thing. 

Large Oak Survival House

The only Minecraft houses will leave you as secure as this one.

Although I believe that certain of these features might be a bit exaggerated When a crowd of zombies starts running rampant is there anyone who will be the one who makes it through alive?

Simple Wooden House

The first thing to do is start with this simple wooden House from Folli can be described as a large wooden house that is constructed using strips of Logs as well as Door Panels to create a modern woodsy, modern style.

The exterior has many lamps, while the interior is illuminated by sunlight that streams through the high Glass Pane windows.

Simple Wooden House

An attractive feature of this design is hanging vines on the balcony. It adds a nice accent to the house and is particularly a nice complement to the predominant brown tones. 

To create a Minecraft foundation the house appears comfortable and secure. The perfect place to retreat to after a day of exploring!

Desert Village House

Take a look at the Desert Village House by BlueBits. A temple set in the desert the Minecraft house design stands tall, with a distinctive ensemble of building materials.

The Prismarine Walls and Slabs make an exciting and creative design that offers a vibrant visually striking contrast to the sand sea which surrounds all four sides of the desert-like construction.

Desert Village House

A few bricks, Sandstone, Iron Bars, and Acacia Planks add to the exterior to give an exotic and abandoned feel to the area.

Medieval House

Do you want to construct a medieval-themed town, do you? You shouldn’t miss out on the Medieval House by BlueNerd Minecraft. 

The house is spacious and has white walls, wooden roofs, and partitions as well as the base layer of stone that is one of the most stylish houses that Minecraft creators have given to the general public to view. 

Medieval Hou se

It could be regarded as an aristocratic or nobleman’s residence. One of the more sophisticated Minecraft mansion concepts.

In addition, there is a part of the house that is an attic with a watchtower. I can envision this Minecraft home design thriving on Maps for PVE as an ideal base for your group of buddies.

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Hobbit Hole Storage Or Home

One of the most difficult tasks to manage in Minecraft can be storage. The players will accumulate tons of loot and crafting items as they move through their life that they’ll require many chests to keep it all. 

There are some models designed that are designed with storage in mind like this one from YouTuber TheMythicalSausage. 

The concept is the idea of “underground storage” and amps it up to eleven. It could be used as an initial base, a combination of both, or whatever else players could come up with.

It’s simple enough for most to construct in the survival realm, yet retains enough detail to look breathtaking, especially on the exterior. 

It is able to be cut into any hillside, offering players a variety of environments to build in. This is the perfect model for those looking to create their own designs while starting with a solid base of references.

Small Mountain Home

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft’s latest Caves, as well as Cliffs update, is the sprawling mountain ranges that are now over the new worlds. 

These peaks offer players an impressive view of surroundings and are quite thrilling to construct within and especially when players construct a home with a design that “looks and feels” as if it’s atop an imposing mountain.

If you’re just beginning your journey in the Mountain biome and are in need of the freshest (and relatively easy) house should look into this concept by Youtuber ItsMarloe. 

It’s a great base for those who want to plant roots high above the clouds. Its tiny size stops players from wasting hours grinding away at the required items during Survival Mode and ItsMarloe still is able to fit in an impressive nine barrels of storage using them for flooring. 

It’s a brilliant design that contains all the items needed to survive, and also looks like a mountain hideaway.

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Impressive Tree House

It’s quite a task and rewarding to create several of the instructional videos listed on the list using Survival Mode but there are numerous Minecraft players who enjoy entering to switch on Creative Mode, and letting their imaginations take over. 

If you’re seeking to construct something more striking and with the help of Creative Mode, should check out this stunning treehouse made by Youtuber Typeface. 

The vast, stylish and intricate house grows like it was made from a tree, with leaves, and an adjacent tree that has an escalator and bridge.

It’s huge in terms of size, yet is tiny enough to appear realistic in the Minecraft world. While it is possible to build an impressive structure with Survival Mode, it would surely take a significant amount of time and money. 

The typeface offers a step-by-step construction tutorial in the Youtube video above. It leaves players with a stunning Tree House that is far more impressive than just constructing some platforms in the trees.

Hanging House

People who want to live above the clouds might be interested in hanging houses with a “chain-like” design to drop from a cliff. 

SheepGG presents this stunning design to life, stuffed with everything a player could require to live in a minimalist, yet modern living space. It’s a brilliant idea and certainly an impressive home that will awe and amaze every person who comes across it.

The creator laid down the steps to build this kind of structure in this Youtube video above, providing an easy step-by-step tutorial for those who want to build something like it.

Japanese Style House

Minecraft offers a range of biomes that are unique and these “changes in scenery” have led some players to design diverse styles of structure to breathe new life into their digital worlds. 

People who want to incorporate different styles of life into their Minecraft maps might want to look into creating a Japanese-style traditional temple-like residence. 

These intricate designs are incredibly gorgeous in real life and can be easily incorporated into Minecraft’s squishy worlds.

BlueBits have put together this simple and comprehensive Youtube video that explains how users can build their own Japanese-style homes in Minecraft. This is the perfect starting point for ideas on these types of designs.

Minecraft Suburban House

A suburban Minecraft house might be to your liking if you’re looking for something simple, practical, and perhaps familiar. 

The house has a typical suburban layout: two stories, a garage, and a covered porch. Despite its humble appearance, it is still a well-built construction made of concrete, stone, and quartzite. 

If you like, you can also make the rooms a little bigger, but keep in mind that everything will need to be scaled up to keep it looking homely.

History For Minecraft House

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic, point-and-click adventure video game created in collaboration with Telltale Games, based on Mojang Studios’ sandbox video game Minecraft. 

Mojang was a partner in developing the game. The initial five episodes were released in October 2015 and March 2016 and an extra three episodes were made available in the form of downloadable content at the beginning of 2016. 

The second season, which was comprised of five parts was made available from July to December 2017.

The game is based on the same episodic format similar to other Telltale Games titles, such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands as well as Game of Thrones. 

The plot revolves around a character created by the player Jesse who was originally an everyday man who eventually becomes a hero along with their companions.

In the first 4 episodes, Jesse along with his friends attempt to bring together the old heroes, known by the name of Order of the Stone to help save the Overworld from the devastating Wither Storm. 

The remainder of the season follows Jesse and their companions who are now part of the new Order of the Stone, embarking on a new adventure following discovering an ancient artifact. In the second episode, Jesse has to face the strong Admin.

The game is accessible for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Netflix. 

A retail version of the game came out in December of 2016. However, the two games cannot be played due to the closing of the Telltale Games in late 2018. This caused the first and second part that comprises the games series removed on June 25, 2019.

Minecraft House Step by Step

  • Here’s how to go about creating your own Minecraft home step-by-step.
  • The first step Choose a flat space to build your home on and then move it there.
  • 2. Step 2: Collect all the necessary materials and sketch out your plans. Draw a sketch in case you need to.
  • Step 3. 3: Create the frame and walls of your house. Fill in the gaps using wooden logs and cobblestone.
  • 4. Then build your home from bottom to top. Start with the foundation and then proceed to build up.
  • Phase 5 Step 5: Create your second floor, adding columns below to support. It’s fine to not add the staircase just yet.
  • 6. Focus on the flooring, and think about what tiles or patterns you want them to have. You might want to consider making certain areas of your house higher than other levels in the exact same area.
  • 7. Finalize by placing in the gutters and roof while taking considering a plan in which rain falls on the roof and flows into the gutters.
  • 8. Step 8: Install the windows. In real life, it is better to build walls that have windows already installed however this is a video game.
  • Step 9 Create partitions in rooms, in the form of doors and walls.
  • step 10: Install a staircase that is physical. You can also add ladders should you want.
  • step 11 • Decorate your new house with furniture, ornaments, and appliances.
  • 12. 12: Apply some finishing touches to the exterior of your home.

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Minecraft House Blueprint

When creating the Minecraft house blueprint, begin with a basic plan and begin to build up. Create a cubicle to get the feel of creating your blueprints.

After that, create rooms or build houses of different sizes and shapes using the top-down viewpoint, as if you were creating the floor plan for an old-fashioned RPG. 

There are separate sheets for each floor plan that you will create in your Minecraft home blueprint.

 Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints Near Me Location 


You can explore architectural design principles like harmony and asymmetry as well. Then again, Minecraft was also the game where people made a scale model of the U.S.S. Enterprise, so it’s hard to be shocked by this fact.

You can even see your designs come to life, with you exploring them inside and outside as your player character. You can even make changes on the fly. No wonder Minecraft has such longevity as a game!

FAQS For Minecraft House Ideas and Blueprints

(1) What is the best house to build in Minecraft?

If you have lots of wood around, you’re going to build a wooden house. If you’re inundated with stone, then stone is going to be the best choice.
One of the quickest houses you can build is a stone and wood hut. It includes everything you need for survival mode.

(2) What should I build my Minecraft house with?

Three-block high hut You can make this out of almost anything—cobblestone is more secure, and you can use wood planks if you have enough, but even dirt will do in a pinch.

(3) What is the most efficient Minecraft house?

Five best survival homes to build in Minecraft
  • 1) Simple Wooden House.
  • 2) Simple Oak Survival House.
  • 3) Aesthetic Survival Home.
  • 4) Underground Survival Base.
  • 5) Ultimate Survival Base.

(4) What are the best dimensions for a house in Minecraft?

The ideal size of a home in Minecraft is said to be 7×7, but you are free to use your imagination when it comes to the size of your own house.
With the 7×7 model, however, you can perfectly place a single door in the center of one wall.

(5) What is the rarest Minecraft structure?

Strongholds are one of the rarest structures in Minecraft. All players will have to find a stronghold to get to the end realm. Inside the stronghold, players can find libraries, a portal room, and various loot chests.

(6) What is the easiest house to build in Minecraft?

Simple Square House is the easiest and simplest house that you can build in Minecraft. It only requires basic materials and can be built without any hard work or expertise.
If you are looking for a house idea to implement while building a house in survival mode, then is the one that can be built in no time.

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